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Curatare Portscule

Curăţare portscule

Producer: Kelch show products
Created by: Trinfa Gabor

        RoWi2 - Table-top taper cleaner for tool holders. A neat job.
        Clean tapered tool holders are essential to be able to manufacture precisely with the corresponding tools. Even minimal residue dirt may lead to scrap here. Our RoWi device helps to achieve maximum fitting accuracy due to residue-free cleaning. Furthermore, it protects the spindle and the machine.
        KELCH thus provides you with everything you need for – literally – frictionless procedures.

-Modular cleaning device for cleaning various tool holder tapers (SK40; SK50; HSK63; HSK100; C6; More taper sizes available on request; conversion kit to MAS-BT)
-Robust housing with integrated time switch, to avoid continuous operation of the device
-Ergonomic design for safe and easy operation
-Resistant to rust and cooling lubricants
-Fast, gentle and reliable cleaning of extremely dirty or resinified tool holders

Clean tool holders ensure precision at the cut surface:
-Reduce waste
-Increase the tool life
-Protect the machine spindle
-Ensures high precision and process reliability
-Maintains the run-out accuracy of the tooling system

Drive unit

Item no.: 260.500 (EU-version)
Motor: Alternating current motor with approx. 65 rpmn
Power connection: 1 ~ 100 - 240V, 45 - 65Hz
Power output: max. 0,12 kW
Taper sizes: All standard taper sizes in HSK, PSC and SK are available.