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i-tec M

i-tec® M

Producer: Kelch show products
Created by: Trinfa Gabor

        i-tec® M is the new modular shrink-fit device. Gives you maximum flexibility when configuring your shrink-fit device. Adapt your low-cost entry model­according to your individual requirements by adding the appropriate accessories as required.

*Modular design
Individual expansion and configuration options for the base shrink-fit device to a high-end complete solution.

*Efficient and ultra-fast heating
Differentiation between carbide (diameter 3-32 mm) or HSS (diameter 6-32 mm) tools for more efficient shrinking in seconds.

*Highly versatile
Shrinking of tools with taper size up to SK 60 / HSK 160 / PSK 100 and total length up to max. 650 mm (with tower extension: 1400 mm).

*Gentle, durable & safe shrinking
Overheating of the shrink-fit chuck is prevented, thereby ensuring a long chuck life.

*Ergonomic workspace with large storage area
Ergonomically arranged work area with generous storage space for tools and shrink accessories for convenient and safe operation.

*Simple and intuitive operation
Shrink quickly and easily with just a few simple steps.

*Patented contact cooling technology
The contact cooling ensures even, gentle and dry cooling of shrink-fit chucks, without any additional costs for emulsion or compressed air.

Technical Data

Shrink-fit device:

1. i-tec® M32 shrink-fit device with fixed coil (Ø 3-32 mm)
Item no.: 312.501
Connection: 13KW, 3 ~ 400V, 16A
WxHxD (mm):710x1150x515
Delivery specification i-tec® M32:
· Stop rings (diameter 3-32 mm)
· 2 adapter sleeves
· Tool tray
· Protective gloves, operating instructions

2. Tower extension for tool lengths up to 1400 mm
Item no.: 313.610 (opt. accessory)

Optional accessories - Cooling modules:

3. i-tec® CX cooling module with guided cooling bushings & cooling unit
Item no.: 312.522
Connection: 1 ~ 230V
WxHxD (mm):600x575x688
Version / delivery specification:
· Cooling module with back panel and drawer for accessories
· 3 guided cooling bushings and removable cooling inserts (diameter 6-32 mm)
· Cooling unit

4. i-tec® CS cooling module with loose cooling bushings & cooling unit
Item no.: 312.521
Connection: 1 ~ 230V
WxHxD (mm):400x420x372
Version / delivery specification:
· Cooling module with 3 cooling bushings and interchangeable
cooling inserts (diameter 6-32 mm)
· Cooling unit

Optional accessories – Storage:

5. Base cabinet i-tec® M
Item no.: 313.601
WxHxD (mm):650x800x500

6. Base cabinet i-tec CX
Item no.: 313.602
WxHxD (mm):600x800x500
Version / delivery specification:
· Base cabinets with lock
· Large storage space for tools, shrink accessories or TUL carriers
· Storage possibility for cooling unit

7. Drawer insert for i-tec CX
Item no.: 313.220
· Orderly storage for shrink accessories and tools