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Aliaje de Titan

Category: Materiale
Producer: NeoNickel show products
Created by: Trinfa Gabor

        At NeoNickel we have a range of the finest Titanium alloys that provide the necessary strength, resistance to corrosion and ability to shine in the harshest working environments.
        The beauty of Titanium alloys lies in its physical and mechanical properties, which have seen it become a critical part of the aerospace, chemical and energy industries.
        Our range of high quality Titanium alloys include the CP-1 GR 4, CP-3 GR2 and the most widely used of all the Titanium alloys, the 6AI-4V, which can be used through temperatures of up to 750 degrees F.

Ti 6-2-4-2 Ti 6Al-4V
Titanium CP1 Grade 4 Titanium CP3 Grade 2

        The primary attributes of these Titanium alloys have been mentioned above but they contain many other properties that enhance their attractiveness to potential customers:

-Superior stregth
-Exceptional erosion and erosion-corrosion resistance
-High fatigue strength in air and Chloride environments
-Low density
-High fracture toughness in air and Chloride environments
-Low modulus of elasticity
-Low thermal expansion coefficient
-High melting point
-Essentially nonmagnetic
-High intrinsic shock resistance
-High ballistic resistance-to-density ratio
-Nontoxic, nonallergenic and
-Fully biocompatible
-Very short radioactive half-life
-Excellent cryogenic properties
-Commitment to Quality

        NeoNickel has built a reputation for being an honest, reliable company supplying outstanding speciality metals that remain resolute in the most demanding of environments.
        If you require any help or advice on which Titanium alloys would work best for you, read more here or contact us at any time.